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【Father and son : P310, P320 pump truck】

🚒 P310 pump truck 💥SOLD OUT💥
The P310 pump truck is the second generation of the pump truck modified by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. It uses the Scania P series P310 as the truck head while the compartment still features a typical 3-compartments design of the DENNIS. In June 2016, a 4-level fire occurred in the mini-warehouse in the Ngau Tau Kok, P310 pump truck continuously supplied water for 108 hours throughout 5 days 4 nights. It was remarked as the “God’s car” to praise for its superior performance.

🚒 P320 HK active new pump truck 💥available for sales💥
Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s new P320 pump truck has been gradually used in various fire stations since 2015. The P320 pump truck is an upgraded version from the previous P310.

P320 features a typical 3-compartment design with seven cabins, each equipped with a roller shutter that can be switch controlled by a single person. It is a water supply truck that meets the “Join Committee of Design & Development” category B standard, and is the main equipment of the Fire Services Department. The pump truck must be sturdy and durable. So, the economical Scania brand P-series double-row 4X4 chassis is still used. The engine power was increased to 320HP, and all the components of the chassis are installed in the truck. After a planned upgrade, the P320 pump truck has replaced the old P310 as the standard main pump truck for all fire stations throughout Hong Kong.

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