You are currently viewing 【Pre-order: 1:43 Fire Hydraulic Platform】

【Pre-order: 1:43 Fire Hydraulic Platform】

Model Details :

Name                 :      Fire Hydraulic Platform

Brand               :     Aurora

Ration             :     1/43

Materials              :         Metal etching film, die-cast zinc alloy, resin, rubber, hardware parts

Quantity                :         Limited edition of 300 sets


Model type        :       Six fire stations and car plate

                                which are :

1) F2311黃大仙 WTS

2) F2312順利SL

3) F2315香港仔ABD

4) F2310北角 NP

5) F2308荃灣 TW

6) F2314屯門 TM


Model function   :       Perform high-altitude fire fighting and rescue operations


Model features:

* The whole lifting arm is made of zinc alloy, which can be expanded, retracted, and can be rotated 360°

* The angle of the top lifting arm cage can be adjusted freely

* The four supporting legs can support the whole car after being pulled out


Retail price                :       HK$2,980

Reservation price       :       HK$2,780

Reservation deposit    :       HK$1,500

Reservation deadline  :       14 June 2021 (Monday)

Expected available date:    the 3rd quarter, 2021.  Free delivery within Hong Kong area for

pre-ordered customers.  For delivery outside HK, the shipment fee  shall be paid by the customers.


Company website : (only accept online purchase of Aurora’s in-stock products)