You are currently viewing 【Pre-order:  1:43 Taiwan High-Speed Police Car – Red Zebra】

【Pre-order: 1:43 Taiwan High-Speed Police Car – Red Zebra】

Model Details :

Name            :     Taiwan High-Speed Police Car – Red Zebra

Brand            :    Aurora

Ration             :     1/43

Materials        :       Metal etching film, resin, rubber, hardware parts, plastic


Model type     :       1)     Regular version

                                 a police car, a full set of DIY car no. plate, car no. decal, acrylic box and color packing

                                 2)     Premium version

                                 a police car, roadblock sign and road cone accessories, a full set of DIY car no. plates, car no. decal, leather platform, hand-made transparent box, hand-made gift box, hot-stamping black cardboard cover


Real car info.  :        The Taiwan High-Speed police car adopts a unique red V-shaped stripe, which is called “red zebra”. This police car is a modified high-performance general-purpose police vehicle (based on the BMW 5 Series) for executing road duty.  In addition to excellent handling and abundant power, the biggest difference from police cars of other areas is that, in addition to the main police lights on the roof, the “lifting LED pole-type auxiliary lights” nicknamed “fairy sticks” are added to make the police car in a better legibility on the highway


Model features :       The whole car uses a large number of metal etching sheets to restore the details. On the roof, the “lifting LED pole-type auxiliary light” is made of hardware which is thinner than a matchstick.  Pieces are made with movable lifting function.


Retail price        :       1)     Regular version :       HKD848 / TWD 3,000

                                    2)     Premium version:      HKD1,120 / TWD 4,000


Pre-order price  :       1)     Regular version :       HKD699 / TWD 2,500

                                     2)     Premium version:      HKD986 / TWD 3,500


Pre-order deadline     :       10 April 2022 (Sunday)

Expected available date:    the 3td quarter, 2022.  Free delivery within Hong Kong area

for pre-ordered customers.  For delivery outside HK, the shipment fee shall be paid by the customers.

*Contact in Taiwan:

LINE ID:aurora_taiwan



Company website : (only accept online purchase of Aurora’s in-stock products)



a) The model in the picture is the preliminary Details of the listing model will be slightly adjusted without prior notice.

b) Starting from the customer is notified of the arrival of the reserved model, if the customer doesn’t settle the balance payment within 30 days, the reserved model will be deemed to be automatically cancelled and the reservation deposit will not be refunded.

c) If customer would like to collect the pre-ordered model at retail shop, please makereservation at shop. Model reserved from Aurora Facebook page is not accepted for collection at shop.

Pre-order shops        :  

(1)   Aurora Design Facebook page

       a) Please make deposit payment to following account :

                  i) Account Name :        Aurora Design & Creation Limited

                                       Bank :        Hang Seng Bank

                          Account no. :        390-720910-883

                 ii) FPS account         :         63605394

      b) Please send the deposit slip or FPS (by picture or scan copy) to Aurora Design’s message box, then we will reserve the model for you.

     c) For overseas customer, we accept pre-order payment by Paypal to :

(2)      Autorbit shop (Kowloon area)

Shop G7A, Young City, Ground Floor, Yan On Building,

No. 1 Kwong Wa Street, Mongkok, Kowloon

Business hours : 3:30pm – 09:00pm

Tel no. 6371 1226 (close on Tuesday & Wednesday)


(3)  “228 hobby shop” (Hong Kong Island area)

Room C, 2/F, Kut Shing Building,

No. 8 Kut Shing Street, Chai Wan,

Hong Kong

Business hours : 12:30pm-08:30pm

Tel no. 9733 8082


**    Due to the severe pandemic situation, the opening hours of retail shops may change. Please contact the retail shops to confirm the opening hours before visiting.


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