Road Rail Fire Appliance – Pump Mode (F7001)


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Model Details :


Name Road Rail Fire Appliance – Pump Mode”.

Car license no. : F7001

Brand Aurora

Ratio : 1/43

Materials : Alloy + resin + rubber + stainless steel + plastic

Model package : including model car, rail track, nozzle, shutter door

Model feature :


* The world’s first 1/43 ratio, road-rail dual use fire engine model;

* The world’s first Scania road-rail dual use fire engine model;

* Model uses a large number of metal etching pieces, in order to restore the real car’s details

* The whole model adopts the combination of alloy and resin material, which not only retains

the metallic feel of the alloy model, but also highlights the advantages of the resin material to present the model details more accurately;

* In order to reflect the real working environment of the Road Rail Fire Appliance, Aurora Design specially equipped a copper-metal railroad track (to increase the metallic feel) for the model car.

Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 33 × 20 × 17 cm