You are currently viewing The first hit Chariots of Fire Hong Kong latest active main Pump Truck P320

The first hit Chariots of Fire Hong Kong latest active main Pump Truck P320

The Hong Kong Fire Services Department’s newest main pump truck, the P320, features a typical three-seater design with seven compartments, each equipped with a roller shutter that can be switch controlled by a single person. This truck is basically a water supply vehicle that meets the “Join Committee of Design & Development” category B, and is the main equipment of the Fire Services Department. The pump truck must be sturdy and durable, so the economical Scania brand P-series double-row 4X4 chassis is still used. The engine power is increased to 320HP, and all the components of the chassis are installed in the truck. After a planned upgrade, the P320 pump truck has replaced the old P310 as the standard main pump truck for all fire stations throughout Hong Kong.

The main function of P320 pump truck is to provide water for frontline personnel. Water can be delivered from built-in tanks, street wells or any open source.

Aurora Design specially produced 1:43 pump truck P320 model to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Each model car is equipped with a 150th anniversary stamp of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department, limited to 300 sets. Retail price is HK$1,580 (USD206). Pre-order price is HK$1,480 (USD193) of which deposit is HK$400 (USD 52). The model is expected to be available in June 2019. For model details, please refer to the pre-ordering post.

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